Friday, September 30, 2005

Good Morning,

I received a voice mail message from Wayne at Alderman Moore's office today. He told me the following:
  • He walked past the van and that he agreed that it should be removed.
  • He called the owner of 7450 N Greenview and they also agreed it should be removed.
  • The owner claims that they are donating the vehicle to charity and it will be removed in 2-3 weeks
  • Wayne indicated that I should contact him if it is still there after that time period has elapsed.

Hopefully, the owner follows through and has it removed. It is on private property so the city cannot simply remove it but we can continue to put pressure on the owner to have it removed.



Sheesh said...

Wow! That's a quick response. Thanks for doing the legwork and applying the appropriate pressure to help clean up our neighborhood.

Michael K said...

I know. Everybody is always complaining about the ward but they have been pretty responsive to me. Of course I am not calling them and yelling about big projects and zoning issues either. I just want them to get that hunk of crap van out of my sight.

Ben P said...

I have been watching that van get more run down and rusted since we started looking at Fargo to live.

Been there for at least 2 years.

Thanks for doing the work on that.

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