Monday, August 20, 2007

Rove Not Exactly Getting Grilled

Karl Rove was on Meet The Press yesterday and it was a huge snooze fest. I was more than a little put off by it. Where the hell was Russert? I was hoping for him to be all over him about the Plame leak but instead we were treated to David Gregory boring the shit out of us. Blech.


Grant Miller said...

I try and avoid broadcast news as much as possible. Too bad, because Gregory tends to be a bit of a hardass in the White House press room.

Beth said...

My cable is out (which I'm enjoying), so I missed it. Sorry Russert was asleep at the mediator's wheel.

edP said...

Sadly, Rove already skated on being the leak even though the whole country knows he ordered the Code Red.

Ok it sounds like I don';t know what I am talking about but you know what I mean.

Michael K said...

Grant: The Sunday morning news is almost the only real news you'll get from the networks. When most of America is asleep, at church, or dicking around in the yard.

Beth: I miss my Russert. He's the best.

Ed: Rove skates on everything. He's so smart that it is hard to pin him unless you've got super chops. Russert does but wasn't there. I wonder if he recused himself based on his involvement.