Tuesday, October 25, 2005

An update about the van issue:

I just received a call from Wayne at Alderman Moore's office. He sounded upset that the owner of the property had lied to him once again. He informed me that the next step is to send the building inspector to her property which will surely be found to be in violation of one code or another. Hopefully, this escalation will get something done. I'll keep you posted.


Jeff said...

Michael, thank you for your efforts to get that eyesore removed.

Also, i would be interested to know if you know anything about whats going on with the Jarvis storefronts by the el stop. Theres that new Pub and someone mentioned that a pizza place was coming soon.

Michael K said...

A woman in my building knows the owner of the building and I am told it is supposed to be a restaurant that will serve the bar as well. I don't know about pizza but that would be a good bet for bar food.

medillgirl said...

Hi Michael - sorry to contact you like this, but I couldn't find an email address. My name is Catherine Andrews and I'm a graduate journalism student at Northwestern. I'm doing an article on the Adelphi Theater on Clark Street and am interested in some citizen feedback. I noticed you had some interesting comments on the Morse Hellhole site, and I was hoping I could give you a call to talk about your opinions. My email is catherine.andrews at northwestern.edu. My deadline is tomorrow at noon, so if I could talk to you before then, all the better. Thanks so much!

womaninmybuilding said...

The owners of the building confirmed information contained in a SunTimes article that stated a pizza restaurant will be attached to the existing bar by Spring of 2006.
To my knowledge, the building owners are hoping to open their own coffee shop on the corner of Jarvis and Greenview although that may be sometime in the future when revenue becomes available.