Thursday, October 06, 2005

I was looking through DevCorp North's retail development plans and came across this:

The 17 story apartment complex is apparently to be built and managed by Bristol Development. I took a quick look at there website ( and I was very impressed by images of previous projects.


nico's mom said...

I had a look at the site; it appears that most of their project have been in the south so far.

From the devcorp map it looks like this is going in on a now vacant parcel...but I was a little dismayed to see that the Bristol folks aren't doing any pre-construction marketing of this project...if the parcel is the one I'm thinking of, the for sale sign is still on it. Not sure what to make of it.

Perhaps will send Bristol a note to see if they are really coming...if I can tear myself away from the RP blogs for long enough...

Michael K said...

Nico's mom,

The DevCorp site I think intentionally left out a date for this as they may not be set in stone yet. Other projects such as the community center probably lack andy dates for the same reason.

The developments on Howard and Ashland and on Rogers and Sheridan have dates but I have seen no evidence of construction. I would guess that the liquor store on Sheridan and Rogers will fold before the wrecking ball comes through and they still seem to be doing a booming business.

Craig Gernhardt said...

Wait til Hugh see's this. Boy are you two in for some dizzy facts.

Michael K said...

Hugh does seem to be the man with the facts. Although, I do not always agree with his interpretation of them I do appreciate his willingness to get all the figures.

Hugh said...

Hello Michael & nico's mom and all,

I have been following the Bristol proposal for Howard Street for some time. This project has it all: corrupt businessmen, purchasing influence with campaign contributions, courtroom drama, fraud on disclosures, secret "public" meetings, manipulation of our property tax system by our aldermen, the role of so-called "developers" in creating blight, links to Ryan and Fawell, shew! I learned a lot about how our neighborhoods work from studying this project. You can, too. Would you like to learn more? Here are some of my running notes:

Evanston's Howard TIF: "Where's mine?"

Evanston's Planned Development at 413-421 Howard

Know your TIF beneficiaries: Peter A. Palivos

The project is currently stalled as the land owner Palivos awaits sentencing.

By the way, did you notice on DevCorp North's flyer the "mixed-used development on the north side of Morse Avenue?" Moore happens to be proposing a zoning change for that lot as part of his "community-driven" zoning re-map. Some might be confused into thinking he is doing another zoning change for a campaign contributor, but that can't be because his pal went on and on in the neighborhood meeting at Loyola Park as if he was seeing the map for the first time, as if he had no idea what he might do with his property someday.

Hugh said...

Without repeating too much already posted, let me point out that although the DevCorp North's flyer says "apartment building," in testimony in Evanston the represntatives of the developers (and they would not even disclose who they are) reserved the right to sell condos, that they intended to let the market decide.