Monday, October 24, 2005

I am interested to discuss what type of coalition we have with Evanston's 8th ward in regards to development of property, policing, children's programs, and community activism on or near the Chicago/Evanston border? In a conversation I was having with neighbors this weekend, it was suggested that police jurisdiction may play a role in why it has been historically difficult to apprehend suspects in the area. Much like the old Dukes of Hazard episodes where they would stand on the other side of the county line and taunt Roscoe and the gang. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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thisaintoz said...

used to be but they have a deal with Evanston adn have had for several years - Evanston can come into Chicago without permission and we can go there - can't remember how far - but only in oursuit.

They have also done joint ops since this deal