Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Coo-coo for CUFI?

McCain's campaign has been making a lot of what they call an "endorsement" by Hamas for Obama. It was actually a comment by Ahmed Yousef that he liked Barack and then compared him to JFK. This is actually pretty old news but since it was brought up in a conversation I had yesterday with a person who is not a complete idiot, I thought I'd weigh in on one of my favorite McCain supporter/endorsers, John Hagee.

Hamas may be full of religious nuts but they are also the leading political party in the Palestinian Authority and believe that the Senator from Illinois has displayed the leadership needed to resolve issues in the mid-east. Even so, Obama has condemned them as a terrorist organization on a number of occasions. Not exactly courting their endorsement. Thus it is hard to believe that the beliefs of Hamas will have any bearing on the Senator's policies. The "endorsement" is nothing more than a strange comment on a radio show.

Hagee is a religious nut/televangelist who has lots of viewers here in the US. I assume a lot of those people vote and are probably in the conservative Republican camp. Those voters have been heavily courted by McCain and when he received Hagee's endorsement at a press conference his campaign organized, he seemed pretty pleased with it. Here's a little taste of the John Hagee we all know and love:

And some more stuff for those of you who can't get enough:

Apparently, Ezekiel and Joel were huge on petroleum economics and foreign policy.

And just in case you think Hagee is just a fat old man who spouts off to crazy people and not part of a dangerous organization like Hamas:

Maybe it's just me but I think that maybe John McCain ought to start condemning folks like this. Don't get me started about Pat Robertson (again).

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Chris B. said...

Hagee is a fucktard version of Rush Limbaugh. Sad that there's a church behind him, but money talks, I suppose. I mean, we're not to be concerned about stealing the land we're living on right now from the original natives? It's our God-given land?

Also, regarding the Hamas "endorsement", we're supposed to vote or not vote based on what terrorist groups want? That seems like a terrorist win to me!