Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Exactly What I Was Thinking

Note: I took down the embed from the Washington Post cuz it was making my blog all "clicky". You can dind it on their website if you want.

Senator Obama makes me proud with his remarks. His inference that having these hearings on and around 9/11 was intended to drum up more support for the war is dead on. Why don't more people see through this charade.

I am enjoying these debates more than I should but I just love watching Republicans try to make claims of progress look legitimate when it is total bullshit.


Beth said...

I'm so glad he said it out loud. I ignored yesterday's hearings because it seemed to be more of a PR move.

Go, Obama!

prattpangs said...

also after a negative Zogby poll is released...ta da! a new bin laden tape emerges ....what a coincidence
It's hilarious watching the dumbed-down Americans fall for this shit over and over. Ok, it's really sad. People need to wake the frick up.