Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Last night should have finally brought the campaign to a close but Hillary has decided to hold out and not make a concession speech. I imagine she is holding out for some concession form the Obama campaign. I imagine it is something to do with carrying her agenda forward. I hope that whatever it is, she either gets it or gets over it soon. It's time to get on with the ass kicking we are going to give McCain.

If this is any indicator of the treatment McCain is going to get from the press in the months to come, this is going to be a fucking blowout.

Yes, those are FOX news correspondents making fun of Johnny "Geritol" McCain.

While I am in cocky swagger mode I'd like to add, "GO CUBS!"


Chris B. said...

I do like how the traditional bullshit is kind of out the window. From what I've seen and heard, Obama has shaken up the primaries by going grassroots and appealing to the masses. He's less about tearing down his opponents and more about hyping himself.

McCain is the heir apparent to the big business ticket, which makes him less likable. (Especially as GM closes plants this week.)

It would not surprise me, however, to see Obama win the election and invite McCain to a cabinet post. Obama has hinted at the historical success of Lincoln's cabinet which was not comprised of "yes men". We'll see.

thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

Yeah, McCain could take a lesson or two from Matt Foley.