Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Shooting Death at Ashland and Fargo

This is a photo of the sidewalk where a young man's body lay last night. It's hard to make out but this is a faint blood stain with a few puddles of blood near the building. The colorful splotches are from candles that were laid out in tribute to the victim. The shooting occured sometime after 8 pm about 3 doors down from my building. From what I could gather from the crowd, he was 19 and probably the victim of gang activity. I tried to learn more this morning but it appears that the murder of a young man in this neighborhood does not warrant much press. Here is a link to the only news I could find:

Anyone with any additional information are encouraged to post here. Thank you.

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Pamela said...

Link doesn't seem to work, probably because it's broken. Try putting long urls in at to get an abbreviated url to post. Just a suggestion.