Thursday, November 17, 2005

I'd like to share a little info surroundng what was once a very troubled little strip that has really improved recently. The problem was booze and the solution also was booze.

At the Jarvis stop there were always dirtbags hanging around. Then they closed the liquor store and many of them went away. A little while later the bar that was there was replaced by a new bar with big windows that faced the street. The presence of people sitting near these windows at night who can witness any sort of shady activity going on led to even less loitering, pan handling, robberies, etc..

I used to visit and find that people were robbed near that stop almost daily. Now the area is starting to attract businesses again. This all happened since the spring of this year. An amazing turn around. There's still crime but it is greatly improved from what it once was.


Gundy said...

The cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems.

ismathsin said...

I have slightly mixed feelings about Jarvis Liquors closing down. If closing it down kept the loiterers and the riff raf away, then good.
Back in January, I was attacked and robbed on Fargo by four young men who followed me home from the liquor store. It's taken a long time for me to walk around that area at night. I rarely get off at the Jarvis L at night. Getting jumped and rob WILL mess with your mind.
I've seen the new Rogers Bark grooming store, and the Potin Stil pub. Pardon my scepticism, but I wonder how long those places will last. It seems as though the long term business in that area have been the laundramat and the currency exchange. (I should mention that i've lived in this area of Rogers Park since 98.)

I said I had slightly mixed feelings, about the end of Jarvis Liquors, as in 98 per cent of me says goodbye, and yet...I miss being able to pick up a six pack, or some milk from a place that was on the way home from the Jarvis L.

ps: I'm glad someone's blogging about this area. I'd do it, but what the hell, I'm not around here enough to know what's happening.
My screen name should really be "Virtual Suburbanite"
Carry on.