Sunday, September 24, 2006

Why Is Katie Couric On 60 Minutes?

I watch 60 minutes every week because I want to watch bad guys get taken to task for the terrible shit they do to the little guy. Tonight, I had to suffer through Katie making Condoleeza Rice look like the black Cinderella. Where were the questions about the war and the report this week that concluded we are in far worse shape in regards to terrorism now than we were before the "War on Terror" started? Instead, she made her seem like she was a good loyal soldier and almost seemed to adore her. Oh, look! She plays piano. Isn't that nice and cute? And now they're talking about boys! You'd think she was interviewing my mom. Where's Ed Bradley when you need him? He would have handed her her ass faster than you can say, "earring."


bigsoda said...

It's just the "liberal media" doing what it... wait...

Mr. Love said...

Get bent, buddy boy!

Condi can Secretary MY State anytime--a little state called 'California.' Ever heard of it?

Surf's up, asshole!