Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Last night's meeting concerning the re-zoning of 1791 W Howard street was boring to say the least. Most folks seemed most concerned with parking issues. I thought this was a non-issue considering that there is a huge parking garage a block away where people can easily rent parking. I really can't believe that people are worried about increses in residences on Howard . A few years back, it was a ghost town.

I did voice a few concers with the historic preservation of the building but, to tell the truth, I was really just trying to make sure it was on people's radar and not really that concerned that it would ever become an issue.

Sorry for such a boring entry but not a lot to report. There were a few folks who seemed more concerend with complaining than the effort at hand. Hell, I think I would have enjoyed a few more fireworks just to justify the fact that the meeting went on so long. I left before it was all over so maybe there was something I missed.


Craig Gernhardt said...

Sorry I have turned into such a bore at meetings.

Michael K said...

Not your fault. It just kept going on and on. I had a good question but people kept bringing up parking. I don't drive so I guess it is especially boring to me.

Rebecca Rouilly aka Nico's mom said...

Hi Michael,

The problem with the preservation argument for this building is that much of what made it architecturally unique has been lost. That is not the current owners fault - he inherited that problem. It's fine to try to recapture the "look and feel" of the original decorative panels with paint, for example, but you can't landmark a replication, at least you couldn't last time I checked.

It was nice to see you there.